Lo stress ossidativo nelle patologie dermatologiche e nell’antiaging: Esperienze Cliniche

Oxidative stress in dermatological pathologies and anti-aging: Clinical Experiences

A correct anti-aging strategy must have the aim of slowing down and minimizing the physiological process of physical and mental involution, allowing the human being to recover a better quality of life, from a global approach perspective, which addresses all aspects: prevention and therapy, nutrition, nutraceuticals, health of the intestinal microbiota, correction of oxidative stress.

The evaluation of oxidative stress in particular becomes a diagnostic and therapeutic aid useful in many dermatological, aesthetic, nutritional and internal medicine sectors, therefore indispensable for the development of modern regenerative medicine. The presence of a small amount of free radicals is physiological; when external factors (significant amounts of ionizing or UV radiation, hormonal alterations, infections, exposure to food additives, environmental pollutants or substances for recreational use, inadequate nutrition, absent or excessive sporting activity, prolonged psycho-physical stress) and pathological conditions increase in Excessing their production or reducing antioxidant defenses breaks the normal state of balance.

The consequences of oxidative stress are ubiquitous and take the form of premature tissue aging up to actual pathological conditions (to date, over a hundred diseases attributable to oxidative stress are known). It therefore becomes essential to quantify both the effect of the biological oxidation suffered by our organism and the effectiveness of the natural antioxidant defenses, allowing for targeted therapy.

My clinical experience, presented at the recent ECM Dermoaesthetics course sponsored by the Association of Dermatologists of Campania (ADECA), held on 30 April 2022 in Pozzuoli (NA), confirmed the importance of this evaluation for therapeutic purposes in various conditions, both pathological and dermo-aesthetic. More precisely, in the presence of demonstrated oxidative stress, specific antioxidant therapy has led to a further improvement in therapeutic results in cases of Androgenetic Alopecia, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis in therapy with biological drugs, recurrent skin cancers, Pityriasis alba, Photo and Cronoaging .

In particular, I have found a notable improvement in the structure and appearance of the hair in the case of Androgenetic Alopecia, a rapid positive evolution of the clinical conditions in Dermopathies resistant to conventional therapies and an acceleration of the results and an increase in the effect in the case of dermo-aesthetic therapies.

Therefore, there are many possible indications for D-ROMs and BAP tests: prevention and therapy of skin aging, chronic or long-term therapies, vascular, inflammatory, dysimmune dermatological pathologies, trichological pathologies. Therefore, no longer just dermatological and aesthetic therapies but rather regenerative and aesthetic-corrective dermatology, with a complete and innovative approach to the patient.

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